MNO Records and MNO Studios is owned and operated by John Edney. He is best known as the lead singer of the band OPM, having worldwide success for over 15 years.

He is a singer/songwriter and record producer/engineer/mixer. He has 20 years of experience in the record business, having started his career as a scout at Island Records, home of Bob Marley and U2. He then worked for Moir/Marie with Lisa Marie and record industry icon Steve Moir managing record producers including Brendan O’Brien (Rage Against The Machine, Pearl Jam), Terry Date (Def Tones), Jerry Harrison of Talking Heads (Live, No Doubt), Tom Lord-Alga (Rolling Stones, Dave Mathews Band) and Chris Lord-Alge, (David Bowie, Avenge Sevenfold) and Rob Cavallo (Green Day).

In 1998, John formed the band OPM. They recorded a 4-song demo and within a month created a stir in the record industry. They soon had deals on the table from MCA, Elektra, Warner Bros and Virgin Records but they chose to sign with Atlantic Records. They recorded their debut album “Menace to Sobriety” which went on to have international success.  As well as taking on the load of writing songs and lead vocals, John also took an interest in the production aspect and had Atlantic Records fund his own recording studio on Selma Avenue in Hollywood, the famed MNO Studio. He took advantage of working with producers like Michael Patterson (Biggie, Beck, BMRC), Michael Beinhorn (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Soundgarden), Mickey P (Beck) and Steve Gallagher (Sugar Ray) to gain knowledge about engineering and operating Pro Tools.  Immediately John started producing other artist as well as all of OPM’s following releases. When OPM migrated to an indie label he was instantly an asset in the studio, engineering and producing records for label mates Sen Dog of Cypress Hill, X Clan, Hed PE, and Kottonmouth Kings.

In 2010, John moved MNO Studios to its brand new location in Westchester, California, simultaneously kicking off MNO Records.

As a producer, engineer and mixer, John Edney has 15 years of recording experience.

Clients include:

OPM                                       Producer/Engineer/Mixer

Def Leppard                                                    Engineer

KRS-1                                                              Engineer

Talib Kweli                                                       Engineer

Hed PE                                                                  Mixer

Sen Dog (Cypress Hill)         Producer/Engineer/Mixer

Kottonmouth Kings                              Engineer/Mixer

Unwritten Law                                                 Engineer

X Clan                                                   Engineer/Mixer

The Hanks                                       Producer/Engineer

Kada                                       Producer/Engineer/Mixer

Garrett Lee Robinson                           Engineer/Mixer

Chico and the Sapphires      Producer/Engineer/Mixer